08 December 2009

The Bone.

I just read the Glamour UK with Jackson Rathbone. Accompanied by Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene & Nikki Reed. Nikki has been one of my favorites since "Thirteen" & "Lords of Dogtown". But Jackson stole my heart in his interview. The Vaps were asked what the difference between Love & Lust was.

Jackson said, "Lust tastes like tequila and Love tastes like whiskey. Love burns for longer and warms you up on the inside and sometimes makes you do stupid things. Tequila makes you wasted. You can get wasted on lust and warmed by love."

Hello, Jackson. Plastic 's you...

Lilo Goes Junkie-Chic.

Notorious queen of socialites & scandal, Lindsay Lohan goes Junkie-Chic for Muse Magazine's Newest Cover! Personally, I love the spread. I think it is right up her "Bad Girl Alley". She has no shame & looks absolutely stunning. No one can tell this girl anything to break her down & I love that. Lilo has been, and always will be one of my favorite actresses/people. She is controversial, poised, and crazy all at the same time. Talk about a whirlwind.

Love it or leave it, Plastics!


Grungy Rocker TaylorMomsen-Esque Chic.

Here is Taylor Momsen. Another one of the favs. Good dresser, good singer & has my favorite character on Gossip Girl, Little J, down to a T. I love her look! Which I have adopted full-time outside of work. I call it the Grungy Rocker Chic, so Taylor Momsen-Esque! Its hard & edgy. But at the same time it is girly & femme. I love it!

Still waiting to get those Combat Boots from "Babes", to complete the look. But hey Xmas is right around the corner... Wishful thinking & hoping.

I love Tay & her look. Lookout for more of the controversial teen. Here in Plastic Mag & check out Little Tay's band, The Pretty Reckless here: http://bit.ly/19RtlI


05 December 2009


Got a little crazed last night. Walked in the club. Fell on my knees! Loved Every minute.....
Oh, Orlando Tomorrow! Arghhh Get to see Sam the bffffffffff! Love Lola the mostest!!!
Night Plastics!

04 December 2009


Miley Cyrus. One of my fave tweenies has done it again! Miss Miley gets a tattoo, at 17. I'm not gonna say much other than I love it! So plastic hot. She is a role model, but when you are 17 you want to do whatever you want. With her power it takes to finger snaps. I'm not mad at it. It reads, "Just Breathe". Doesn't seem reckless in the least. Scrutinize her not.

Love, xxx

.click for more pics. http://www.popsugar.com/6512995

03 December 2009


I went to Borders for an afternoon roundup of Mags.
Checked out Elle UK & InStyle UK. They have the best things "Across the Pond".
I spotted the hottest boots in life in InStyle. & I'm so dying to try out this Sculpted Red Lip. I love it, so hot.
Thoughts today...
I cannot believe I live where I live. I am so not fit for it. I need more out of my life right now! Not yet in my Prime.. I have a lot of ticks & tocks to come. They need to be used living fast & pretty in a BIG city! Anyways.. I am here for now. Summer 2010 is my girlfriend & I cannot wait to take her out. Ah.
Love you Plastics, x.

01 December 2009

Plastic Magazine, Welcome.

Hello guys & dolls.

I have arrived. I just wanna to give you what you want. The best & latest in music, fashion, beauty, gossip & a little bKay. Sometimes too much is just enough.

Love you Plastics. xx