08 December 2009

Grungy Rocker TaylorMomsen-Esque Chic.

Here is Taylor Momsen. Another one of the favs. Good dresser, good singer & has my favorite character on Gossip Girl, Little J, down to a T. I love her look! Which I have adopted full-time outside of work. I call it the Grungy Rocker Chic, so Taylor Momsen-Esque! Its hard & edgy. But at the same time it is girly & femme. I love it!

Still waiting to get those Combat Boots from "Babes", to complete the look. But hey Xmas is right around the corner... Wishful thinking & hoping.

I love Tay & her look. Lookout for more of the controversial teen. Here in Plastic Mag & check out Little Tay's band, The Pretty Reckless here: http://bit.ly/19RtlI